We purchase and export various grades and types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals including, but not limited to:

  • Carbon Steel
  • No. 1 Heavy Melting Steel / No. 2 Heavy Melting Steel – ISRI Code 200-206 Specifications
  • P&S Plate & Structural – ISRI Code 231-232 Specifications
  • No. 1 Busheling – ISRI Code 207 Specifications
  • Steel Wire Bales
  • New/Used Rails, Axles, Motor Blocks, etc.
  • Pig Iron, Coal, All Steel Products

We can assure that our products meet the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI) specifications and packaging guidelines. Our product is loaded and shipped by way of containers and not through bulk shipments.

For price inquiries, contact us.

Ferrous Products

ferrousAccommodating you is our first priority. Prime Metals offers competitive pricing for the purchase and sale of ferrous scrap metals that is up to date and current with ongoing market prices. We will strive to meet a desired price and make sure that our purchases and sales are satisfactory to our clients.

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Non-Ferrous Products

non-ferrousWe are currently concentrating on sourcing and providing aluminum, stainless steel, and boaring. We will soon accommodate other varieties of non-ferrous metals. Check with us to learn in greater detail the types of non-ferrous materials we deal with.

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