Company Overview

Prime Metals USA was established in early 2008, and we are located in Fullerton, just between the Los Angeles and Orange County border. We are continuously in the process of establishing our scrap sourcing in the Southern California area with a fresh vision of expectations and goals in mind.

We are a relatively new company, yet we have already established strong business contacts and affiliate both in the domestic and international market. Our leadership brings over 20 years of experience in the steel scrap industry, and their expertise in the market is a great asset to the company’s endeavors.

Marketing Plan

Our products include, but are not limited to, the following types and grades of ferrous scrap metals:

  • The market price for these materials can change on a daily basis, and several factors can effect its change. Among the factors included is the freight cost depending on what agreement we reach with our suppliers or customers (based on INCOTERMS 2000).No. 1 Heavy Melting Steel / No. 2 Heavy Melting Steel – ISRI Code 200-206 Specifications
  • P&S Plate & Structural – ISRI Code 231-232 Specifications
  • No. 1 Busheling – ISRI Code 207 Specifications
  • Steel Wire Bales
  • New/Used Rails, Axles, Motor Blocks, etc.
  • Pig Iron, Coal, All Steel Products

With our office located in Fullerton, we source our materials from locations in but not limited to Los Angeles, Fontana, Barstow, Long Beach, etc. in the Southern California region, along with locations in Oakland, San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas and Miami. Outside of the United States we source material across Mexico, Central America and South America.  Our supplier network is being developed and we look forward to continuously establishing an even greater network of suppliers in the near future.

Our customers are mainly located across Korea, China, and Taiwan, and their purchases are made on a contractual basis. Due to our current effort of securing a larger supply network and our obligations to current clients, we have not yet prospected new clients, but plan to do so soon.

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