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Prime Metals USA is a metal scrap processing and trading company. We trade both ferrous and non-ferrous metals as a commodity. Specifically, our business is concentrated in the United States, Central America, South America, Europe and East-Asian region, particularly Korea, China, and Taiwan. Our materials are sourced from various yards and recycling centers all over the southern California area in addition to several locations throughout the United States, and we export on average 30,000 metric tons (MT) per month.

Our business consists of purchasing ferrous and non-ferrous scrap material, processing and preparing the material, and transporting the material by way of containers to our clients. Processing and preparing includes, but is not limited to, cutting over-sized pieces of steel, packaging the materials into bundles, and loading the material onto containers for shipment. We utilize outside logistics firms to satisfy our orders of shipment.

The scrap metal trading business, from both a national and global scale, is much too large and dynamic to determine total market capacity and demand. With thousands of scrap yards, scrap traders, and end-users making up the market, we can only make a rough estimate of market size to be about $100 billion in commodities being available and traded on the global scale, with demand on the rise. Many would consider this market as a seller’s market, where due to larger demand than supply, sellers are able to determine market price.

We meet the needs of our clients utilizing years of experience in the scrap metal industry and a wide array of resources and affiliates, including our closest partners in Asia. We are performance-driven and our future success lies in our ability to serve and satisfy you.

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